Construction & Contractor Insurance

Protecting Companies That Build Our Communities

Selectpath Insurance’s experienced team of brokers work with construction firms and contractors operating in the London and St. Thomas trading areas to ensure their insurance policies offer relevant, reliable coverage.


Insurance for builders, construction firms and contractors covers a wide range of business types and offers policies that protect a specific business against a variety of losses relevant to its operations.

Our experienced commercial brokers understand that every single business is different, which is why we approach each of our commercial insurance contracts on a case by case basis.

We invest the time to understand your contracting or construction business in detail – and specifically where the risks lay. This helps us think strategically to present you with the best coverage options. Then, we ‘shop around’ – we take your profile and needs to our top carriers to find the best rates for you.

And, when you need it (and hopefully you don’t!), we’re here to help you manage when a loss occurs.


Builders Risk
Rip & Tear Coverage (Costs Related to Faulty Materials)
Equipment Coverage
Installation Floater for Material Transit & Installation
Professional Liability
Customer Property Damage

Dan D’Amico

“My job is to make sure my builder and contractor clients are properly covered. Yes, it’s a numbers issue, but equally important is the scope of coverage and thinking through all the potential risk scenarios.”

-Dan D’Amico, Account Executive

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At Selectpath Insurance, your London insurance broker, we take the time to get to know you – so that we are fully confident that we are bringing you the very best insurance coverage for you, your family and your business.


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