Hospitality & Lodging Insurance For Hotels

Navigating insurance negotiations can be complex for hotel management. It just makes sense to have the best experience you can find at the table with you. In Southwestern Ontario, that’s the Selectpath Insurance team.


There’s nothing simple about the hotel business. When shopping for insurance, hotel owners and managers really need to know that their insurance partner understands the business… and its risk points. We do.

The commercial lines brokers at Selectpath Insurance will help your hotel management team navigate the insurance discussion with full risk management services that address everything from basic property / liability coverage to guest harassment abuse coverage to crime and employee dishonesty coverage.

We’ll bring our 70 years of experience to the negotiating table. We help your hotel team with a strategic evaluation of your coverage needs, while leveraging our strong relationships with the leading insurance carriers.


Property & Liability
Cyber & Breach
Builders Risk
Bus Shuttle & Valet
Crime & Employee Dishonesty
Pandemic / Disease / Outbreak
Regulatory Compliance issues

Steve Cox

“Our team has the depth of experience with hotel and hospitality insurance that you’re looking for. Our due diligence process covers both the common areas of risk, as well as those that are specific to your business.”

-Steve Cox, Managing Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we have food and/or alcohol service on-site?

If so, food spoilage and contamination needs to be addressed by the policy and we need to ensure that the proper liability is in place for alcohol consumption.

What if we have a valet service, self-park or shuttle offering?

It is important to ensure that the proper risk management procedures are in place for the storage and access of keys, that there are sufficient security cameras in the right places, and that the proper driver’s license screening has occurred for all employees.

How do we protect ourselves against a privacy breach or cyber security risks?

A loss can occur from something as simple as a credit card breach all the way up to the strength of your network security.

Malicious software can be added to point of sale devices in restaurants and lounges, and shared networks can be susceptible to data thieves.

Changing your passwords often, ensuring the proper network security and having the right cyber coverage can help protect you.

Is your hotel’s insurance in line with the master franchise requirements?

Your insurance coverage must be in line with your master franchises requirements.

Each franchise has its own set of rules and guidelines that must be followed.

Why are risk management and loss control practices important?

Understanding what risks your hotel patrons, staff and partners may be exposed to is critical in mitigating a loss.

Actively searching out risks such as snow removal, eavestrough placement, salting and sanding or the presence of handrails will help you to keep your people safe. This will also reduce the number and severity of claims.

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At Selectpath Insurance, your London & St. Thomas insurance broker, we take the time to get to know you – so that we are fully confident that we are bringing you the very best insurance coverage for you, your family and your business.


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