Selectpath has established itself as an industry leader in the design, implementation and administration of affinity and group insurance programs. Our level of expertise is unmatched in managing insurance programs with a focus on the hotel and hospitality sector.

We are licensed to operate as a registered insurance broker in every Province and can provide national service from a single source with 24/7, 365 claims service. Our team includes dedicated and highly-experienced insurance and risk management professionals who understand franchisee/franchisor and member/association relationships. We provide coverage for all lines of business through a list of nationally recognized insurers.

We offer insurance programs that are:

Voluntary or Mandatory
Local, Regional, Provincial or National
Property/Casualty, Auto/Residential, Health Benefits, Professional Liability

Steve Cox

“Our team has the depth of experience with hotel and hospitality insurance that you’re looking for. Our due diligence process covers both the common areas of risk, as well as those that are specific to your business.”

-Steve Cox, Managing Partner

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Our insurance programs provide:

Unique coverage features not available in standard policies
National claims support and advocacy
Risk Management
Loss Control