Is a commercial auto policy right for large machinery?

Simply put, maybe.

If you have an automobile that you use in any way to complete business, then commercial auto insurance can protect you against property damage or bodily injury. There is more specific coverage for heavy machinery or trucking.

How is machinery breakdown for construction equipment different than normal machinery breakdown?

Your property coverage will include breakdown from flood, fire or natural disaster, but the equipment coverage will include details such as a power surge.

Not many companies offer this coverage, but we have access to some that do.

Project specific wrap-up liability – why is it important?

This coverage protects the general contract’s commercial general liability policy from a claim by passing the responsibility to the subcontractors liability coverage.

Why isn’t there coverage for faulty workmanship?

Many carriers exclude this coverage in their policies.

It is important to understand that the work you do is presumed to be good, so faulty workmanship is not covered by your liability coverage.

Why are cranes treated differently?

Cranes are unique in how many potentially dangerous situations they operate in and how many other pieces of equipment they interact with.

Hook and Crane Liability is not included on the general liability, and will cover things like the crane itself, the item it’s moving and/ or the loss of productivity in downtime.

What is rip and tear coverage?

Rip and Tear covers the removal and reinstallation, including the labour for both, of materials in the event of a manufacturer fault.

Though the manufacturer has a legal responsibility to replace the materials, you would be experiencing a loss for labour.

This coverage protects you from that potential exposure.